Book review: Winter By: Marissa Meyer

Rating 10/10

`Where do i begin…. I’M IN TEARS!!! It was just so amazing!!!!! It may have been over 800 pages but Marissa managed to pump the action into every chapter! From romance to action it had EVERYTHING. It takes skill to write romance that fits into action but that is what Marissa did! Cinder and Kai will forever be one of my OTPs.

Something else that i really liked was during the climax, we learned more about Levana. Along with have some time in her point of view was pretty cool.

Finally, my favorite part of this book and this whole series is how Marissa connected the books to the fairytales they are based on. I have always liked Fairytales and dystopian novels so this is a GREAT combination.

After this long series i am so upset that it is over, at least i still have fairest to read! If you need me i’ll be rocking in a corner crying.



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