Book review: The 5th wave By: Rick Yancey

What do i say first…

AMAZING!!!!!! I absolutely LOVED this book! The story about how the aliens came to take over earth was something i’ve never read about! To be honest i’ve always had a fear of the apocalypse (Like Zombies and stuff) so this book kind of scared me.

But to begin with, i really like how Rick made it so throughout the book it had different perspectives. I’ve always like books with multiple views because it give more than one side to the story.

One of the things that i can’t get over is the relationship between Evan and Cassie. They were so CUTE and how Evan as far as i know DIED for Cassie. It just showed that even if Cassie Knew he wasn’t a human he chose him over BEN who she has liked for a long time.

I know this review was short but i didn’t know what to write without spoiling it. So sorry for that. Hope everyone is having a good day and that your holiday season is going great!!!


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