Book review: An Abundance of Katherines By: John Green


Now that that is out of the way, let’s get started! As you know by the title i am doing a review of An Abundance of Katherines!!

I actually liked this book much more than i thought i would. I’ve read every book that John Green has written by himself and i thought that this would be the worst but it wasn’t ( if you are wondering i think paper towns is the worst). In the beginning it was a little slow until they got to gutshot. It was actually really funny that they had the Archduke Franz Ferdinand popped up in this book because litterally the day before i started this book i learned about him in history. Also my history teacher talked to me about how great a book it is so that was something good to start off with.

Now as characters go they were decednt!  Colinwas as annoying and heartbroken as i thought he would be throughout the book. (I really do like his personality even if he was a little bit self centered and stuff. But my favorite character had to be lindsey. After having meet these random guys and having them move in with you is something i would most definettly never do. I have no clue what was going through her mind when her boyfriend found out about two guys living with his girlfriend. In conclussion i really love Lindsey!!!!!!

Finally the main reason i really like this book is because the plot is really good! It is a classic contemparary i know but it is different. It has the falling in love but it doesn’t truely show until the very end. Alse the way colin had his theorem was amazing and it was just a really great book!!

Well that is that! Did you guys like this book? Who was your favorite character! I hope you all have a WONDERFULL day!!!

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Totally should’ve Book Tag!

I got this tag idea from Sasha Alsberg so thanks to her for making the video!! As you can tell from the title i’m am doing the Totally should’ve book tag. LET’S GET STARTED!!!!!!

Totally should’ve gotten a sequel

This is kind of hard because most of the books i’ve read wither didn’t need a sequel or had a sequel but…


Fangirl By: Rainbow Rowell

I just thought that there is more potential with this series if Rainbow continued it. I know she made Carry on but that was more of a spin off.

Totally should have gotten a spin off series


The Hunger Games By: Suzanne Collins

There is so much potential in this book! There are multiple spin off ideas i have. There could be one in President snow’s point of view but that would only be one book. Then there could be a trilogy maybe of how the capital and the districts came to be which could also include president snow! SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!

An Author who totally should write more books


It has been so long since he has written a book on his own (He has done Will grayson will grayson and let it snow but those weren’t on his own). The last book he wrote was The Fault in our Stars which was 2012. I know he has been busy with movies and stuff but i still cannot wait to read more from him!!!

A character who totally should have ended up with someone else.

Katniss Everdeen

To be completely honest i was really upset when Katniss and Gale never got together. They were much cuter couple. But alas, i’m not the author.

Book that totally should have ended differently


Paper towns By: John Green

I didn’t really like this book to start with so the ending wasn’t what i expected. When i first started reading it i expected Margo to be dead or at least be alive and do more than just her agreeing to go home. I was not impressed with this compared to TFIOS and Looking for Alaska.

Totally should have a movie Franchise


Cinder By: Marissa Meyers

The last book in the lunar Chronicles came out last year and i’m really upset that it is over. This has potential for a great movie but with all of the Sci-Fi stuff there would be a ton of CGI and as we know from some movie (Cough Star Wars prequels Cough) it can turn out really bad. This is truly a debateable movie oppurtunity.

Totally should have had a TV show


The Heroes of Olympus By: Rick Riordan

We all know that the Percy Jackson movies were a GIGANTIC flop so maybe the Heroes of olympus would be better! I don’t care if it would be an animated series it would still be good!!!!!!

Totally should have one point of view

There is no answer for me, i really like books with multiple viewpoints. So i cannot answer this question.

Totally should have kept the original covers

Well this really only has one book but….


The fault in our stars By: John green

I love the original book cover, but it got a movie so now there is only a Freaking movie cover. I hope i’m not the only one who thinks this.

Totally should have stopped at one book


The 5th Wave By: Rick Yancey

I absolutely love the 5th wave, but the infinite sea really wasn’t as good at all. There is another book coming out and i’m hoping that it will be better but if not then this series really should have just stayed at one book.

Well that is all for this Tag!! Thank you so much for reading and i hope that you like or follow my blog!!

Interview: Victoria Schwimley

Today i was given the opportunity to interview the author Victoria Schwimley! I’m currently reading her book Lacy’s End and LOVING IT so expect to see a review soon! But let’s get started!

1. What are your ambitions for your writing career?
  • When I first started writing, it was just for fun. Although I’ve always dreamed of being a writer, having a career in writing wasn’t in the plan. I wrote because I had all these stories running around in my head that I had to get out. Then I wrote a novel just to see if I could do it. I found out I loved it. I joined a website called and started posting short stories and poems. I soon had a following and fans. I was thrilled. Then the Idea hit me that I could publish my stuff professionally and people might actually buy it. That began my writing career. I hope someday to build enough of a fan base that I could actually make a living off my books. I don’t need to be the next Stephen King or Danielle Steele, but I’d like to see some income for the many hours I put into publishing a book. I’m also starting to get into narration. When I told a friend I was looking for a narrator for one of my audiobooks, she said I had a great voice and should do it myself. I’m studying and working on that.                                          

2. Why do you write?

  • I write because I have stories to tell and people who want to read them. If I don’t put my thoughts down on paper, they are stuck in my head. But mostly I write because it brings me pleasure. This is the one piece of me I’ll be able to pass along to future generations in my family.                                                                                                                    

3. When did you become an author?

  • I have wanted to be a writer since I was a child and would read anything I got my hands on. I took creative writing classes in school and made up stories to act out. I was into writing poetry and short stories in high school, and even had a few poems published in the school paper. However, I didn’t become serious about writing until around 2009 when my daughter convinced me I wrote well enough to publish.

4. Do you write full-time or part-time?

  • Currently, I can only write part-time. I have a full-time job, so I only have a couple hours at night to write. I hope I will soon be able to leave my full-time job to focus on writing.
5. Have any author’s inspired you?
  • James Scott Bell. I’ve studied so many of his books on the craft of writing that I’ve become a much stronger writer with his guidance.
6. If Lacy’s end was ever made into a movie which actress would you imagine for Lacy?
  • I could see Emily Kinney (she played Beth Greene on the Walking Dead) playing her. They both have a bit of spunkiness in them that suits Lacy’s character, and she’s about the right size for Lacy. 
7. What do you do when you have writer’s block?
  • I am fortunate thus far to have just the opposite problem. I have too many creative thoughts in my head and not enough time to get them all down. However, when I find myself not sure in which direction I should guide my character; I’ll set aside my writing and take a break. I’ll stop long enough to sew one of my granddaughter’s a dress and then I’m ready to get back to the story
8. Who is your favorite author?
  • You mean aside from myself.. J I’m not really sure I have a favorite author as it really depends on my mood. But, if you’re going to make me choose I think it would be Dean Koontz in his later years— I wasn’t overly fond of his early years.
9. What is your favorite book?
  • Another tough one, but I think the one novel I read that has stayed with me and I recommend most often is Dean Koontz’s Intensity. Despite the shock and trauma this girl suffered, she risked her own life to save someone more vulnerable than she. That’s human compassion at its best.
10. What inspired you to write Lacy’s End?
  • I was in a Bible study class with a good friend and was shocked to learn she had been a victim of domestic abuse. In all the years I’d known her she had never disclosed this part of her past. When I mentioned how surprised I was, she said nobody had known what was going on. Even her own family hadn’t known about the abuse; she had hidden it that well. I knew after that conversation I was going to write a story about domestic violence and how we don’t always see or admit to seeing the pain a friend or family member is in.
 Just want to say thank you so much to Victoria for allowing me to do this interview and i suggest that you guys buy her book! It is $11 on amazon and $2 in the kindle store!!

Cute children’s books review!


I just want to say thank you to Amy Lu for telling me about these books because it they are so adorable! If i had kids these would be the first books i turned to for them.

Naughty Puppy

Dogs lovers look out for this book! It doesn’t just include writing that is absolutely true about puppies but also includes pictures of a adorable puppy! There is nothing i can see wrong with this cute little book.

Yoga with Iggy the piggy

1 BEST WAY TO TEACH KIDS YOGA!! I know i’ve babysat kids when their moms went to yoga and they wanted to go and learn yoga also! So this is a great way to keep them happy! So if you are a babysitter bring this book! It may change your night!

This is what i think of these books! Be sure to follow Amy Lu on Instagram and her blog!

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Book review: Everything, Everything by: Nicola Yoon


Do you guys like that? I realised that i should warn you before you read these posts because i say quite a few spoilers. But as you can tell from the title i am doing a review of Everything, everything by: Nicola Yoon and this is going to be a fun one.

This book really started off well because it was written in a way that included random papers that were significant to the story and i thought that it really brought the story together. Along with her being sick, Olly being beaten made it so they were both broken and that may be why they loved each other so much.

When i first started reading this i liked it but it wasn’t 10/10 until about chapter (approximately) 31 when they first meet. I love how they are so awkward but comfortable at the same time. Contemporary novels are so much better when they start like that.

There were a couple parts that got me scared, but they were all for nothing in the end. I was worried whenever Maddy went outside that she was going to die on the spot! But then i realised that there was almost 150 pages left in the book. Then she went to Hawaii and i was FREAKING OUT. I was so worried for her and i knew it was going to come, so when she did almost die i was expecting it.

Am i the only one who agreed with how she was so upset that her mom had lied to her about her sickness? I get that she was morning the rest of her family but that was still quite a lot. There are better ways to keep your child safe then locking her in a house for her entire life. I do agree with Mady’s choice to stay with her mom for a bit even though she is mad at her.

In the very end when she goes to the book shop and meets up with Olly it literally cry because after not talking for so long it was amazing that without question Olly went to pick up the gift! I was just so done it couldn’t do it any more.

What did you guys think of it? If you want you can leave a comment and tell me what you thought! Hope y’all liked it!

If you would like to buy this book here is the link!

Everything, everything By: Nicola yoon


Book review: Infinite Sea by: Rick Yancey

First book i finished this year! But with quite a few books…. there are flaws.

To be completely honest i didn’t like this book as much as the first book. It really dragged a lot more then what i like. There are definitely parts that were good. I loved how i got backstory about Poundcake because he had always been a very mysterious character who never said anything. It changed my entire perspective of him and why he was so quiet. It was also kind of cool that i learned more Ringer.

Can we talk about Razor for a bit? I didn’t really like him. He was just a new Evan for Ringer. I know most people may have liked him but he just wasn’t original to me.

It was kind of cool that they spent a ton of time with Ringer and how she was changing but it dragged on. What made it worse was in the book we had spent almost a month with Ringer and we didn’t know what had happened to Everyone else! I was so worried about them! They could have been dead for all i had known! Then at the end i still didn’t learn what happened to them and how they ended up in the spot they did.

To wrap up, it had good parts and it had bad parts. If you have read The 5th wave it is worth read it. If you have not obviously read The 5th wave before this book!

What did you guys think about this book? If you want to leave what you thought about it in the comments!

2015 wrap-up

This list is going to be very short and i’m so sorry. I started keeping track of how many book i read about 4 months ago so i don’t know any other books i read this year. But i did read 7 books!

  • Starcrossed by: Josephine Angelini
  • The sword of summer by: Rick Riordan
  • The amazing book is not on fire by: Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) Phil Lester (Amazingphil)
  • City of bones by: Cassandra clare
  • Winter By: Marissa Meyer
  • The 5th wave by: Rick Yancey
  • Fairest by: Marissa meyer

I know this post is quite short but it is better than nothing! Hope all of you had a Happy new year and may the force be with you.