Totally should’ve Book Tag!

I got this tag idea from Sasha Alsberg so thanks to her for making the video!! As you can tell from the title i’m am doing the Totally should’ve book tag. LET’S GET STARTED!!!!!!

Totally should’ve gotten a sequel

This is kind of hard because most of the books i’ve read wither didn’t need a sequel or had a sequel but…


Fangirl By: Rainbow Rowell

I just thought that there is more potential with this series if Rainbow continued it. I know she made Carry on but that was more of a spin off.

Totally should have gotten a spin off series


The Hunger Games By: Suzanne Collins

There is so much potential in this book! There are multiple spin off ideas i have. There could be one in President snow’s point of view but that would only be one book. Then there could be a trilogy maybe of how the capital and the districts came to be which could also include president snow! SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!

An Author who totally should write more books


It has been so long since he has written a book on his own (He has done Will grayson will grayson and let it snow but those weren’t on his own). The last book he wrote was The Fault in our Stars which was 2012. I know he has been busy with movies and stuff but i still cannot wait to read more from him!!!

A character who totally should have ended up with someone else.

Katniss Everdeen

To be completely honest i was really upset when Katniss and Gale never got together. They were much cuter couple. But alas, i’m not the author.

Book that totally should have ended differently


Paper towns By: John Green

I didn’t really like this book to start with so the ending wasn’t what i expected. When i first started reading it i expected Margo to be dead or at least be alive and do more than just her agreeing to go home. I was not impressed with this compared to TFIOS and Looking for Alaska.

Totally should have a movie Franchise


Cinder By: Marissa Meyers

The last book in the lunar Chronicles came out last year and i’m really upset that it is over. This has potential for a great movie but with all of the Sci-Fi stuff there would be a ton of CGI and as we know from some movie (Cough Star Wars prequels Cough) it can turn out really bad. This is truly a debateable movie oppurtunity.

Totally should have had a TV show


The Heroes of Olympus By: Rick Riordan

We all know that the Percy Jackson movies were a GIGANTIC flop so maybe the Heroes of olympus would be better! I don’t care if it would be an animated series it would still be good!!!!!!

Totally should have one point of view

There is no answer for me, i really like books with multiple viewpoints. So i cannot answer this question.

Totally should have kept the original covers

Well this really only has one book but….


The fault in our stars By: John green

I love the original book cover, but it got a movie so now there is only a Freaking movie cover. I hope i’m not the only one who thinks this.

Totally should have stopped at one book


The 5th Wave By: Rick Yancey

I absolutely love the 5th wave, but the infinite sea really wasn’t as good at all. There is another book coming out and i’m hoping that it will be better but if not then this series really should have just stayed at one book.

Well that is all for this Tag!! Thank you so much for reading and i hope that you like or follow my blog!!


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