Book review: An Abundance of Katherines By: John Green


Now that that is out of the way, let’s get started! As you know by the title i am doing a review of An Abundance of Katherines!!

I actually liked this book much more than i thought i would. I’ve read every book that John Green has written by himself and i thought that this would be the worst but it wasn’t ( if you are wondering i think paper towns is the worst). In the beginning it was a little slow until they got to gutshot. It was actually really funny that they had the Archduke Franz Ferdinand popped up in this book because litterally the day before i started this book i learned about him in history. Also my history teacher talked to me about how great a book it is so that was something good to start off with.

Now as characters go they were decednt!  Colinwas as annoying and heartbroken as i thought he would be throughout the book. (I really do like his personality even if he was a little bit self centered and stuff. But my favorite character had to be lindsey. After having meet these random guys and having them move in with you is something i would most definettly never do. I have no clue what was going through her mind when her boyfriend found out about two guys living with his girlfriend. In conclussion i really love Lindsey!!!!!!

Finally the main reason i really like this book is because the plot is really good! It is a classic contemparary i know but it is different. It has the falling in love but it doesn’t truely show until the very end. Alse the way colin had his theorem was amazing and it was just a really great book!!

Well that is that! Did you guys like this book? Who was your favorite character! I hope you all have a WONDERFULL day!!!

If you want to get the book click here:




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