Book Review: Stars Above by: Marissa Meyer


I am really trying to keep up this span of posting so im going to make a post for every day for a week!! So today i am going to do a review for the most recent and final book in the Lunar Chronicles, Stars Above!

I remember when Cinder came out, i was in 6th grade and i finished it on a school trip. It is amazing to see how far this has come. I was so hapy and sad to see this series come to an end. Throughout the series there were some things that were left unexplained, this collection really explained most of those things.

The Keeper

What to say about this… it really blew my mind. Leaarning more about how Michelle came to be the keeper of Cinder was amazing. When Scarlet came out there was always the curiosity about how this came to be. Also learning about why Scarlet’s dad didn’t have a father was really cool! I love how she had an affair with a lunar and then she got pregnant? Then we find more about how Lihn Garan came to adopt Cinder!! I just thought that this would help me connect more things when i reread Cinder!


I didn’t really like this as much as The Keeper but it wasn’t terrible. It did show a little of Cinder’s early days with them. I personaly just didn’t like it. Nothing more to say, Nothing less.

The Queen’s Army

This one was quite short but it really shows more about the very mysterious character. It also showed how terrible the mutant soldiers lives were, having to fight each other, killing, it just wasn’t human. It was a good story, I have to say!!!!

Carswell’s Guide to being lucky

I really hated this one, it just showed that Thorne has been a sort of ASS since the beinging. I love him, even if he is an ASS. This really didn’t catch me like i had hoped.

After sunshine passes by

Ah cress, i really love her character! But this story really wasn’t anything new. It was just a retelling of what we already know! It was very well written and i love Cress. But i wish there could have been knew stuff.

The Little Android

I really loved this little story about star, but i feel like it was very random and didn’t completely fit into the story. If you guys didn’t notice this, the fairy tale it is based on has to be The Little Mermaid!! When i first started it i thought that it was supposed to be about iko but it turns out it was a completely different story. 10/10 would read again!!!

The Mechanic

OMG OMG OMG THE FEELS AHHHHH, i loved to hear about Kai and that even before he knew anything about Cinder he liked her!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHIPS EVER WAS MEANT TO BE AHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Something old, Somthing new


I WAS SO DONE WHEN IT STARTED!! It was jsut so cute how Scarlet and Wolf love eachother so much and how much Cinder and Kai love eachother so much and THE FEELS and THE SHIPS. When Kai went outside to look at the stars i knew what was coming and DIED. I knew that Kai and Cinder were going to get married i wish and HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE that Marissa Mayer will make a wedding for them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?????!??!?

Well that was a whole lot of feels…. This is really what i felt throughout my entire time reading it. Now if you need me i’ll be in bed crying because it is over. But in the end.. I shouldn’t cry because it is over.. i need to smile because it happened. Did you guys read this? If you guys haven’t read this series i seriously suggest it!! if you want to get this book click this link:

Also if you would like to buy the first book in the Lunar Chronicles Cinder click here:


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