Book Review: City of Ashes by: Cassandra Clare

How is everyone!!! It has been a while since i’ve posted anything. To be honest the thing i post the most on this blog is book reviews, but i read so many books that i kind of have too. As you can see from the title i am writting a review of City of Ashes by: Cassandra Clare. But first you know the drill…


This was definitely a worthy sequel to City of Bones, there were some slow parts but WAY more interesting parts that caused me to lose quite a few hours of sleep.

First, I may be the only one but this book and City of Bones for some reason reminded me of starwars. In city of bones i’ve decided the Valentine is Darth Vader, Jace is Luke, and Clary is Leia. If you didn’t know (Which would be really surprising) Luke meets leia by rescuing her, then later on they “have a moment”. Then Luke finds out darth Vader is his father. THEN Luke finds out Leia is his sister…. Can you see the similarities? Also, there was a scene where Jace had to face “Valentine” and ended up killing him… sounds very similar to a scene in The Empire Strickes Back that Luke end sup facing “Darth Vader” and killing him and it ends up not being him. This is just something that i’ve really been  If i ever get to meet Cassandra (Hopefully for Lady Midnight) I will ask her if she did it on purpose or if it was completely random.

Now let’s get into something/someone we are all confused about now…. SIMON. I get that cassandra just wanted a character to be different but WHY BEAT UP ON HIM SO MUCH!!! First he gets turned into a rat, then he is DEAD, the he is UNDEAD, then he is DEAD AGAIN, oh wait he isn’t dead, OH NO THE SUN, wait WTF he is alive. I’m keeping track of how many times something happens to him and i’ll let you know when i finish all of the books.

I really have no complaints about the plot, it fit right in to the story that was already given and really felt like it continued the series (Like a sequel should). The only thing about it is the drama between Clary and Jace. I know that they were in love and stuff but they don’t need to complain every two seconds about it. I’m just so done about it.

Finally there is one thing that kills me….. MALEC!!!!! I’m really happy that Magnus is such an important character in this series and Malec is probably by far my favorite ship ever!!!! Do you guys agree?

Well this was a pretty crappy review but i tried!!



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