Book Review: Red Queen by: Victoria Aveyard

Good Day everyone!! I’m sorry it has been so long since i’ve posted anything, i’ve been really busy with school and one of my other passions Softball. But as you can see from the title i am doing my review for Red Queen by: Victoria Aveyard. I may have finished it a couple weeks ago but i have a LOT to say about this book.


 First, the plot is something i haven’t really heard of before. There are a lot of books where regular girls become princesses but not HAVING to become princesses. It was really cool the story of how there were extraterrestrial people who have silver blood and rule over everyone.I just have to applaud Victoria for all of her work on the plot of this book. There is suspense, drama, love, death, betrayal, and even a bit of supernatural elements. For instance some of the supernatural elements include their powers that are quite different from anything I could come up with, their blood

Second, the characters are very “human”. They acted like regular people in this world even though that they aren’t completely human. THEN there was the love triangle between Mare, Cal, and Maven. You can tell how Mare really does love Cal but since she had to marry Maven she does so much to try and love him also. But then all of this leads up to the biggest plot twist  I’ve read in a long time.

I knew that Maven loved his mother but i never knew that HE WOULD FAKE HIS ENTIRE LOVE FOR MARE AND BETRAY HER! I had always shipped Mare and Cal but i loved Maven as a character. After finishing Red queen I was not ready to read anything new for a very very long time.

Well that is my review!! I know it is kind of bad but I really tried. Hope you have a FANTASTIC day!!!!




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