Book Review: The Last Star by: Rick Yancey

Another day another ending to a well known series. It is a happy but sad feeling finishing the very last book in a series that you have loved for many years. That is the case with me and The Last Star. But boy do I have a lot to say about this book.


I have to say and most people who have read this book can say is that this book was WAY better than the last book in this series The Infinite sea. I almost didn’t read this book because of it but in the end it was a good choice. It was a great way to end the series. But it had some plot twists that i’d say we were all confused about.I’m just going to skip to the biggest one that had us all confused….. CASSIE DIED!!!!! But actually I don’t think many of us were that surprised that she was going to die. By the way she acted throughout the entire book it was only a minor shock that she went up and destroyed the mothership. I personally think Rick shouldn’t have ended it this way because it makes it similar to Allegiant (And to be completely honest I was way more upset when Tris died).

Next, there was the big shocker that Ringer was pregnant….. PREGNANT!!! That was actually one of the more random parts of this book that I didn’t really understand the point of it. By the end it made a little more sense that Rick wanted a way for Cassie’s name to live on and stuff.

Finally there is the fact that Evan walker knows how to survive literally EVERYTHING. In all of the books he in some way should have died. Then he did die but it wasn’t him and after all of what happened HE CAME BACK! He was my favorite character but it got kind of old. Only so many characters can do that and Loki has been doing it since 2011.

Now that i’ve got all that off my chest I can tell you the truth. This book really wasn’t that bad! This trilogy is really worth the read if you like YA Dystopian novels (and are able to handle a not so great second book).

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you will read some of the other stuff I post! You may also like some of the stuff I post on my instagram @bloggingbooknerd! I hope you are having a great day!!


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