Book Review: Hamilton The Revolution by: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter

Hello everyone! Like I said when I did the Hamilton book tag I really love Hamilton! But like most people in the country I haven’t been able to see it. Thankfully they made this book for the people like me! 

Disclaimer: I am not reviewing the musical Hamilton, I am just review the book. If I ever see the musical I will not hesitate to do a review if you want it.


Since i’m not reviewing the musical there isn’t a whole lot to say. To start it is actually one of the most interesting books i’ve ever read. The reason I say that is because it truly shows the ups and downs of creating a musical. Lin has done an amazing job creating this amazing musical and it’s interesting to see how hard he worked for more than six years in multiple countries with the help of hundreds of people. I now have a completely different view on most of the songs because of the comments that Lin wrote about the lyrics in the songs. 

I’m really sorry this review is so short, like I said I really hope to see the actual musical and if I do I swear that I will. Thank you so much for reading this review!! I really hope that you will check out some of my other posts and my Instagram @Bloggingbooknerd!! I hope you are having a good.


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