Book Review: They both die at the end by Adam Silvera

Look at this! Back again for another review within 3 days? It’s a miracle! But as you can tell from the title I’m reviewing They both die at the end by Adam Silvera!! It was quite the emotional book so I’m letting you guys know in advance that I am crying while writing this.


Excuse my language.. but FUCK this whole book was an emotional trainwreck. From the title, you can obviously tell that they two main characters Mateo and Rufus are going to die in the end. But that doesn’t stop you from becoming attached.

To begin, I’m going to talk about how much I love Mateo and Rufus as characters. In contemporary novels, you usually have two sides. The completely perfect one who has no flaws and everything goes their way, or the pity party where literally EVERYTHING in their life is awful and nobody deserves that. I think Mateo and Rufus are a great combination of the two. Of course, there’s the whole part where they’re going to die at 18 and had both their families die/ get sick, but other than that they really lucked out with what was happening.

In a way, the two of them were the perfect match for each other. Mateo needed someone to edge him out of his comfort zone while Rufus needed someone to reign him in so that he would survive longer. In the end, both of the things they needed help with caused their demise.

Now that we’ve gone over the characters I’m going to mention one special thing. THE LOVE STORY! At the beginning of this book when Rufus was making his last friend profile, I saw that it said he was Bisexual. The moment I saw that I knew 100% that they would fall in love before the end of the book. Sure enough, right before they died Mateo realized his love and that was that. It was very subtle was to add the LGBTQ+ community into a book without making it horribly obvious like some others I’ve read try to do. It didn’t make it the biggest plot point of the book (which is something that the U.S. should learn from). It wasn’t fair that the two of them only had about 22 hours to love each other. Nobody should have to go through pain like that.

Before I move on to the plot and ending I want to mention a couple things about the supporting characters. It really made me so happy to see how dedicated all of their friends were. Even with getting arrested and having a child, they still cared so much for Rufus and Mateo. I just hope that in this fictional universe they were able to move on with their lives but not forget the ones they loved.

Now finally we get to the plot and the ending. I have to applaud Adam for being able to write such a long book about such a short amount of time. He kept me on edge for the entire book even with knowing the outcome in the end. The adventures they had, the people they met, how they would die. It was an experience from page one. Personally, my favorite part of the book was the small characters that were all connected to the two of them in their own special way. The person Rufus gave his shoes to who tried to kill him in the end, the actor that Mateo loved who died the same day, the journalist who was near Mateo and Rufus till the end (and technically caused Rufus’ death), and the list goes on and on. It was incredible how Adam included all these little details and created a one chapter story for all these people without ruining the plot.

All those things made for one incredible book. With all of the emotions I felt reading it I really wanted to die at the end. But here I am telling you to READ THIS BOOK RIGHT AWAY!!!!! It will destroy you in a good way and takes no time whatsoever to finish. So if you’re like me and live in an arctic wasteland (known as Massachusettes) spend the day curled up in bed and read it all in one sitting. It’s worth it.

Thank you so much for reading this post! If you like what you see be sure to check out some of my other reviews and more posts coming soon! I hope you’ve had a wonderful first week of 2018 and an even better day!


Book Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Happy 2018 everyone! I’m back for the new year with a new book review! As you can tell from the title I’m reviewing Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo! Let’s get this review started!!


Now, if you’re reading this you’ve probably heard of and read this book. From other reviews and every other person, I’ve ever seen read it people absolutely LOVE IT. But to be completely honest, I don’t. There are a couple reasons behind my opinion of it that I will get to later on. But to start let me tell you about what I loved about this book.

First, I want to talk about the many characters in this book.  The way that Leigh kept a consistent story while having 5 different perspectives.  If I was to write a novel I know for sure I would never be able to do that. Then on top of keeping a consistent plot she also was able to give everyone a decent backstory AND characterization! I did like some characters more than others so here is my list from 1-5 (1 being my favorite).

5. Matthias

Now, like I said earlier I DID like how his backstory was interesting but I’m just not a huge fan of HIM. If you’re not trustworthy from the beginning I don’t believe in trusting you at all. His past isn’t really his fault because that’s where he was born and taught to believe. But I feel like he could have been a much better character than he was.

4. Jesper

With Jesper, it’s basically the opposite of Matthias. I LOVE Jesper as a character but wasn’t really interested in his backstory.  His role in the story wasn’t as major as some of the other characters but I still really liked how he trusted his “friends” (except for Matthias) even though he has so many reasons not to trust them. But his backstory just doesn’t aid in his overall character. I guess I just wanted a little more from his past.

3. Kaz

I know, a shocker that he is as low on this list as he is. Out of all the backstories, I like Kaz’s the most. He went through so much during his childhood that no person should go through. Lost his parents, all his money, and his brother. I do think that his way of coping and continuing with his life WAS a little bit iffy for most people, but he moved on in a very strong way. His personality though has some things that I’m not a huge fan of (since you know he’s kind of an asshole).

2. Nina

Now we get to Nina, she is one of the most interesting characters since she is a Grisha and what she does throughout the book. She was pretty badass throughout the book and sacrificing herself for the group to succeed was one of the best things I’ve seen a woman do in a novel. The main thing that is keeping her from the top is her devotion to Matthias. As I’ve already said I’m not a fan of him in general, but THE WAY NINA IS IN LOVE WITH HIM EVEN THOUGH HE WANTED TO KILL HER WAS SO DUMB. She was so smart other than that.

1.  Inej

INEJ. SHE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. I’m a sucker for badass ladies and Leigh is really good at incorporating them into her stories. Inej could have killed ANY guy in this because of her skills that weren’t magic or natural. She worked to become what she was and it shows. She’s the type of character that you would show your kids (besides the being a murderer part) and teach them that that’s what a strong independent woman is. But like every other character on this list, she does have a flaw. It’s ok to love people she’shes in love with Kaz… that seems like a bad choice when he will barely show her that he loves her. I hope in the next book either Kaz makes the right choice or Inej ditches him

Now that we went over all the characters I’m moving onto the plot. It was an interesting idea. I like the threat of a drug that could harm so many people and an adventure with a group of misfits to fight against the drug and save the world!!! Or at least I would have if that’s what happened. They were only in it for the money. Not even worrying about how this drug could potentially murder and destroy millions of people. THAT is why I ended up giving this book three stars. If I ever get to the second book in this duology I really hope that it redeems the characters and the world for me.

I hope you liked this review! Thank you so much for checking this post out and be sure to look at some of my other reviews while you’re at it! I hope you had a fantastic day and a Happy New Year!!!